It goes by many names: Torginol, color flake, epoxy chip, etc. Every company and manufacturer has its own system and name, but not all are created equal.  We have our own system that hasn’t failed us and will stand up to the daily abuse. This is nothing like the kits that Lowes and Home Depot sells. This is a commercial application we install seamlessly over your indoor concrete. We have small and large flakes that can be speckled or fully cover your floor. The end result can feel like a smooth, easy to clean carpet in your basement, garage, mud room, etc.


Let's FixYour Ugly Concrete Today!

CS StoneWorks operates out of Chambersburg, Pa. We specialize in covering ugly concrete. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old concrete! We have epoxy flooring specifically designed for all concrete! Contact us today for a free local estimate.