5 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring Is Great For Your Driveway

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After a while, the best concrete driveways end up looking a little past their best. Cracks start to form, weeds break through, and we wish we could cover it over and never look at it again. Well, there is a way that you can make that happen. A quality epoxy flooring coating can transform your old drive.

1) Durability.

Durability is the big selling point here while you stare at the deepening cracks and years of wear in your faded concrete driveway.

When you add an epoxy flooring coating to your driveway, you are going to get something that will last for years to come. Furthermore, it will do so without cracking because of the properties of the material.

This robust surface can give the impression of a pebbled or pretty gravel drive while keeping those materials firmly in place. Therefore, you can drive on it, walk on it, and potentially use heavier machinery with few concerns.

2) Resistance.

This longevity has a lot to do with the resistance of epoxy driveways. They can hold their own in different conditions, such as bright sunshine, high heat, and even harsh winters. Although tough and flat, the resin can move enough to adapt to temperature changes without causing a problem. It is also fine in the frost and snow and water should run off with ease. In fact, it is compliant with a Sustainable Urban Drainage System.

3) Reduced Maintenance.

Because of this brilliant durability and resistance, you don’t have to worry about your new epoxy-covered driveway as much as a concrete one. It probably wasn’t just the cracks in the old surface that had you concerned, but also the problems that come in keeping them clean and free from weeds. It doesn’t take long for untreated concrete driveways to get messy and require expensive treatments and laborious work.

This isn’t the case with these epoxy coatings. They are far easier to keep clean and the weeds aren’t going to break through. You can still take a little time out of a weekend to rinse off the dirt from your car’s tires or other dust and mess, but it won’t take half as long.

4) A Smooth, Seam-free Finish.

The reason that this epoxy flooring for driveways is so low-maintenance is that you get a smooth, unbroken surface that is strong enough to resist infiltration from external threats. The seam-free finish allows for a flawless sheen and even coating that looks great across the entire driveway. But, there is also nowhere for the weeds to even attempt to poke through or for muck and grime to settle. This makes it more advantageous than attractive designs with individual paving slabs, which are an invitation for both dirt and invasive plant life.

You may worry that a smooth surface like this would make the driveway slippery, as there may be less traction than a rougher stone or concrete. But, this is not the case.

5) Great Designs.

Finally, there is the fact that you can play around with the design a lot more when using epoxy resin driveway coatings. While it is possible to get some colored concrete and to have an alternative color to boring grey, these can get dull and the effects aren’t that interesting. There are far more choices available when you work with an epoxy solution.

The mixture brings in aggregates to provide a more interesting mottled effect. The colors involved and the overall look of the material are down to personal preference. You can have something dark and muted for a classy approach, a lighter mixture that looks like the shore, or something more unique. It is a good idea to play around with ideas that work with the aesthetics of the exterior of the property and to see how the design works in the space.

An added benefit here is that the epoxy is resistant to UV, which should stop any issues of colors fading or changing if you use artificial dyes at all.

Make The Switch to Epoxy Flooring to Revive Your Driveway.

The qualities of this durable and resistant epoxy driveway coating make it a great alternative to sticking with your dull and cracked concrete. Look at the different design options and see how this smooth, attractive, and low-maintenance solution can work for you. Contact us today to get started!

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